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part two of josh falk

josh falk's behind brown eyes show is up for it's second month starting this friday- may 1st.

for those of you that have not made it to check it out- come. and for those of you that cannot make it- watch and see below. you can see the rest of josh's photos from the gallery here.

the only way we can keep doing this sweetness is if we support our artists. so if you see something you like- just e-mail us...

thanks to nick z for the video and doing all the paperwork during the install.


oh, i remember now... that's why we live here.

the maine premiere of the present was last night.

and as i am cleaning up the spilled beers, refolding everything and moving the boards around, i cannot help but think how lucky we all are.

we live in a great place... maine.
we are surrounded by people that really get what we are trying to do here. everyone that was here last night was here because they love to surf and love what the surfing community brings to all of us- hell how couldn't you if you are surfing in 30 degree water?

so the turnout wasn't hundreds, not full of the coolest hippest shoes and clothes- just real genuine people who totally dig where they live, can't wait until the next wave, and super thankful that maine is on the map.

thank you thomas campbell, mattsons, woodshed films, peak organic, the big easy, grain surfboards and the pine haven collective.

you make us really thankful for what we do. so we will keep at it.


just be here.

and if that is not enough...


good things


pete miller & his friends
grain & almond


almonds are delicious.

they have arrived.
my oh my
are the beautiful and delicious. 9'2 lumberjack

5'8 pogie fish


tax day- who cares? almond will be here.

almond is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, making that depressing tax day a bit brighter!

if you can't make it for thursday's awesomeness, you must come by soon, before the boards go home with new owners!


friday, new art, new creatures, sun shinning.

we have been waiting for some original works from keiron 'seamouse' lewis for quite some time now. i guess the term snail mail still holds true... however, yesterday i was greeted by the postman with a lovely package full of keiron's work. please stop in to see his work.

we also had the opportunity to finally meet our new friend albie rock. albie creates the coolest, strangest, most unreal creatures. i saw them for the first time about a year ago in a show at the ever favorite white heart, and fell in love. since then we have sold a few, and albie came by to the shop an introduced me to some more of his creatures- or as he calls them- woodsly goodness.

here they are welcoming the window shoppers....
don't they look like an old uncle or something? so great.


ahhhh. saturday afternoon at the shop.

a little slow getting going today... josh's opening last night.

thankfully pete miller and his friends were practicing their sweet sounds right next door.

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