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another amazing show on the way...

g.i.f.t... give fine independent things

katrine has been working on this for a bit now, and i know it is going to be amazing.

get familiar with them all...

abigail swartz
alisha gould
dan mccarthy
michel droge
jacqueline dubois
jenny dougherty

stay tuned for more.


more wood!

we are super pumped to have a few new hand made longboards in the shop- greenstreet longboards and atk longboards.

both companies are making these straight from the heart and using local supplies as much as possible.

these are truly one of kind boards.

greenstreet even teamed up with our pal matt w. moore to make these boards even radder than ever.

come check these out and support our local craftsmen.


my new favorite thing.

well it arrived. my own grain board, built for jim and me- by me! i cannot believe how beautiful it is. seriously, these boards are simply amazing. it is an 8ft steamer model with a glass on single fin from juan rodriguez.

one of my favorite parts is in the tail block. i was lucky enough to be given a piece of walnut that was my great grandfathers, and i added it to my tail for a little history.

thank you grain for this opportunity, it really meant alot. and yes, when the board is not being used it will be right here in the shop for all of you to be inspired by, and maybe go out and build you own.



be here.

new works by our good friend andrew jaspersohn.

the keg is ordered.

the gallery and windows are getting ready for all of you.

be here friday night, around 6pm.


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