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current artist in the gallery, silas finch, featured in brooklyn flea.

meet the artists in the gallery for september

we are very excited to have such an awesome collection of affordable work in the gallery this september.
take a moment and get to know the artists:

jacqueline dubois
ross bruggink
blanca gomez
eleanor grosch
michael dacey
michael hsiung
andrew holder
chris piascik
little friends of printmaking

see you on friday!



this looks awesome.


2 new shapes from mast surfboards

it is not very often that shapers make their way up to maine.  let's be honest, unless you are coming to enjoy the fruits of our state, you aren't usually "passing through" maine.

however we recently had the pleasure of meeting steven mast of mast surfboards out of san diego.

after getting to know steven a little and showing him around the shop, he amazed us with his 6'10 single fin hillbilly hull and 5'10 hph speedster.  we now have both of these boards here on our floor to share with you.

here is a little about steven, straight from his mouth:
"Having grown in and around water (my mother insisted we could swim before we could walk), and being an adrenaline junkie, it was only natural that I fall in love with surfing at my very first exposure, namely, Wild World of Sports' Pipeline Masters, broadcast in the early seventies. One thing led to another, I met my beautiful wife in 1980, I started a career in tattooing in 1989 and enjoy both to this day. After years of mind surfing and skateboarding competitively in the Midwest I fulfilled a lifetime dream by moving to San Diego in 1997 and started surfing soon after. I began shaping in 2002 out of a desire for boards that were not readily available, i.e. unusual. I believe my years of tattooing were invaluable training for learning to adapt to the process of shaping. Over the past eight years I have been lucky enough to develop a few consistent models. Mostly boards I wanted for myself. All are a result of surfing daily in San Diego conditions, which are somewhat soft, day in day out. The result are shapes with a bit more planing surface and a bit less rocker than you would find in boards built for heavier hollower surf."

we are very excited to have had the chance to meet steven who drove all the way up to maine to meet with us.  stay tuned for more form mast in the future.


up next ~ editions of ten

fun fun!

a superb collection of prints all priced under $50.

can't wait to see you.

9/3 @6pm.

p.s. during the opening we will also be showing our newest collection of surfboards shaped right here in maine...


this will make you smile

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.


another reason why we love portland!

this festival is full of great things, and we totally suggest making the trip if you don't already live in portland.

check them out at:


amazed is the word.

tonight we present the amazing, soulful, intricate, sculptures of silas finch.  full photos will be up in a few days, but if you are close, tonight is a must.


rainbowlogical... all wrapped up.

nicely wrapped to travel to their new homes.

thanks to everyone who came, saw, and supported.

on to the next one.....

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