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wait a minute!

after the show last night jim and i decided to embrace the flavor of hampton beach and do a little photo booth session. after waiting a few minutes to get the photos, they finally popped out... however, they looked nothing like us... below are what we received. some of the funniest things i have ever seen. someone i guess will get ours.. thanks hampton.

dear & yonder and getting nowhere faster.

last night a few of us went down to hampton beach to view the new all female surf film, dear & yonder. we unfortunately only got to see the second half due to the huge turn out. what we saw as exactly what many of us women have been looking for- rad women doing the raddess things, and making it look so easy!

i am working on getting the film up here do do a showing our own, so stay tuned.

in the meantime, check out the trailer to their other film getting nowhere faster below.

Getting Nowhere Faster


i like this math

new math by craig damrauer.
here are some of my favorites.


moonage daydream

if you are not familiar with photographer ryan mcginley, now is the time. you may have seen some of his work in beautiful losers in the past. he is wrapping up his cross country trip, and is creating some simply amazing shots. click the image to see more of his piece in vice mag.


nomadic trading company

Earlier today Nichole Gulotta stopped in to show me her new venture- Nomadic Trading Company. The collection is beautiful bits inspired by her travels. Traditional textiles, apparel, jewelry and more are culled from exotic shops, local bazaars, and artisan collectives around the world.

Much of the NTCo's shopping and manufacturing is done with the idea of fostering sustainable business, often in developing global communities. Pieces are typically one of a kind, or produced in limited quantities - hand block prints, artful embroidery, and expressive color are pervasive. A debut line of signature Nomadic designs is sewn in NYC, combining fair trade imported textiles with local manufacturing. Every nomadic item is lovingly selected and produced with a keen stylist's eye.

We currently have some of the softest, colorful, and functional sarong towels from her new collection. You need one of these, trust me...


rubber, wood, and buckets?

watch out, the pine haven collective may be stopping by your house too..


wave tribe

just received a box of recycled leashes from our new friends at wave tribe. it is so great to be able to offer even more eco-friendly products, right down to our leashes. they have some hilarious packaging too.

check out our friend ricky mahoney's post on drift all about their sweet stuff.

thanks wave tribe. looking forward to seeing more.


thread books

Photographer and filmmaker Patrick Trefz spent more than two years wandering country roads, always in search of the best way to the beach. Thread follows Trefz on his travels from the Basque Country to Steinbeck country, from New York City to West African island nations, scaling fences and hunkering down in the dirt to capture his vision of the visual language of surf culture.

The book is a study in juxtaposition, particularly between the man-made and the naturally occurring. Freighters in a harbor, arranged like pieces on a game board, are set against the light ruffle of wind on the water. Wheels and gears, line running through an installation like belts in a motor, the extremity of industrial production, are countered by a man and a wave, two products of natural energies. Seen one way, everything is natural, and the question becomes one of degrees of manipulation. Still, the settings in these pictures suggest duality, differing realms—the road and the beach, the train track and the lineup—each element evoking its own associations. Patterned yet non-linear, Thread takes seemingly disparate subjects and gently ties them into a unified whole, finding commonality in devotion and practice.

Patrick Trefz is a longtime staff photographer for Surfer Magazine. He is also a filmmaker, who directed the 16mm film on which the book version of Thread is based. He was born in 1970 in Düsseldorf, Germany, and lives and works in Santa Cruz, California.

These books are pretty great.


make this your new homepage | drift perspective(s) in surfing

a lot of hard work went into this... check out the recently launched, north american edition of
drift. good work my dear friends, good work. can't wait to see more!


let's get weird

listen to some live local music, and then watch this with us.
tomorrow night.


support local music

unique seagull & chry followed by the film jonathan livingston seagull on the wall.

this thursday.


almond video


wooden wheels?

i am very lucky to have a dad who knows how to make just about anything out of wood. just a bit ago, he brought in his handmade skateboard, fully equip with wooden wheels. he made this baby in high school shop class, circa 1968. rock on dad and thanks for letting us hang it in the shop.


our extended family members

we asked each of the artist in july's how one word to describe their work... below is what they came up with and a link to their work online. hope you dig it as much as we do.
oh- and make sure you come to the opening this friday evening.

jamie watson... aloha

luke taffee... oceanized

keiron lewis... waterlogged

liz cokcrum... macrocosmic

follow along