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ever wonder how that's done?

we are about to change up the gallery again, but before we do we wanted to share one more thing from michael dacey... we love love love letterpress, and love the process. here is a little look into michael's repeat press studio while he makes a rad poster for proletariat.


build your own!

we really love it when our friends and customers get inspired by the artists we have here at the shop.

here is a clear example of why we do what we do.

this is jackson quinn, an 8year old friend of ours that was inspired by michael dacey's cave in the gallery.

he came to the opening night, and went right home and got working on his own.

cheers jackson!


you could win this, and support an awesome story.

buy your tickets now, the raffle ends november 11th.

thanks ryan

ryan tatar of the ever famous shakas and singlefins is featured on foam mag blog. he was nice enough to incude us!

cheers ryan.


this is why music rocks



maybe so maybe no

Mayer Hawthorne - Maybe So, Maybe No from Stones Throw on Vimeo.

just stumbled across this. check out all the unreal music on yes yes yall.


have a good weekend.



greenstreet longboards

our friend and amazingly talented artist matt moore has done it again. he seems to be finding that 8th weekday that most of us are constantly searching for. matt has teamed up with greenstreet longboards out of new hammy and in turn has created some of the raddest longboards around.

i must be honest- this is what i have been looking for in skate for a while now. it seems like many companies miss the boat on graphics and overall aesthetics. this on the other hand fits perfectly with our approach here at the shop.

greenstreet not only make their boards from locally harvested wood, but they are true new englanders too.

pretty sweet.

photo by mike clearly


who's tired of being an adult?

we are!
dream here.

see if you spot us...


mark 'em

let's get cozy.

jordan kelly foundation raffle

for a bit now, we have been talking about a grain surfboards raffle of a 5'4 fish. finally we have gotten all the details together and it is time to mark your calendars.

november 11th is that date, corduroy is the place.

the guys at grain have been putting in a lot of hard work and have partnered up with stoked mentoring out of nyc to make this even bigger than we could have even imagined.

this will be a really special night for all involved. make sure you can join us, and keep checking back for more info.

more about jordan kelly's widening circle
join the jordan kelly surf school fund on facebook
buy a raffle ticket to win this fish and support the cause


have you made it to the gallery yet?

michael dacey's show, just as long as you are there, pretty much rocks the gallery right now. here is a little taste, but for the whole meal you gotta come on in.

the makings of our next featured shaper.

it is that time to move things around and start telling another shaper's story here at the shop. starting in mid november we will be featuring the shapes and stories of kevin cunningham of spirare surfboards. kevin and his shapes are a great fit for this program. here is the first line on his "about me" page is:

I make functional art – art that is designed to get wet.

how much more perfect could it get? well- to top it off, kevin is doing his thing right here on the east coast, rhode island that is. lastly, green design and sustainable construction is always part of his story.

more to come soon. start making your christmas list!


ahh. a grateful sigh that is...

this weekend was full of reminders of why we do what we do.

friday... michael dacey and his work in our windows and gallery started off the weekend with color, wood, geometry, and good friends. later that night we were joined by the pine haven collective who were shinning from the success of their own opening at space gallery, draw your face off. the night ended with pancakes at 1am, and then some great crisp fall air to help us all sleep.

saturday... grain had their fall bash with andrew kidman and his 16 short films, last hope. i wish i could have taken a quick snapshot of the room during the showing. live music instead of a soundtrack, films about family and the sea, and a room filled of maine cedar shavings, old tools, shared space, family and friends, surfers, filmmakers, and a common bond- surfing and the love for the sea.

although i didnt get in any surf, and i know the waves were good- i am so grateful for the community that we are a part of.

thank you grain for opening up your space and sharing it with everyone in a way that no one else can do.

thanks to michael for taking a week and spending it here installing and making our shop look unreal.

thanks to the pine haven crew for always supporting us with a smile and laughs.

and thanks to all that get it. let's keep going.


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