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a colorful equation

grain surfboards scrap cedar + 9 colors of spray paint + katrine hildebrandt's creative mind = the making of a rainbow....


rainbowlogical necklace all the way from the uk

just a bit ago i was contacted by a lovely lady named hannah marshall.

hannah, otherwise known as beach shack project,  makes some really beautiful jewelry with materials straight from our ocean blue.

i got to thinking- it would be really cool to have her make me a rainbowlogical necklace from sea pottery....

well she did, and it is beautiful.  it is long, slips over your head and is one of a kind.

soon we will have some of her work here in the shop to share with all of you.



photographer nikki toole's newest project-


a photographic exploration of skater culture.

if you are a skater from australia, usa, uk, france, germamy, hungary, poland, czech republic, italy, romania or finland and would like to have your photograph taken as part of this project, please complete the contact form with your location.

be a part of this amazing project.

the hippest trip in america

watched a documentary on soul train last night.  man i wish there was something like that going on now, so solid.

you can't tell me that this doesn't make you move.

i want to implement a soul train line on first fridays.


tom veiga

just wanted to share these colorful and awesome works from tom veiga.

he has been working on a series of waves for a bit now, and hopefully soon we will have some in the shop to share with you all.

i love his work on this board, and it even has a trace of a rainbow in it...
check out the rest of tom's work here.


rainbow report

my sister just sent this awesome rainbow of books, created by aspen mays.

keep the reports coming!!

check out the rest of aspens work here.


rainbowlogical ~ 7 artists + 7 colors

very, very excited about this show.

teaser images to come as the days countdown.

but for now, get to know the 7 superb artists~

mark your calendars~ 7/2.

cherry on top | aloha trucker hats

we just received some fabulously colorful hand-stitched truckers all the way from paia, hawaii.

each one is a mix of fabrics, bit and pieces of this and that, and they are totally one of a kind.

come get one, and if you can't make it here just e-mail me.

i like making trips to the post office.


ass cash or grass

are you kidding me?

the f***king amazingly sexy tees just arrived from sugarhigh + lovestoned straight out of maui.  we received two more styles as well, same thing-  sex on a tee.

some of you may know one of the ladies behind these tee's, tami snodgrass.  we have had her work in the shop for a bit now.

talk about head turners.

if these don't sell out, i quit! serious.

come get one... and remember, no one rides for free.


new mural

miss carina romo recently graced our walls with her mural instalation made from reclaimed wood, paint, and love.

come check it out.

thanks so much carina!


small world

last week i put up a post about a beautiful new book i came across, sundays are for lovers.

i just received the book yesterday, and happened to look at the return address...  to my surprise it was sent from right around the corner from us!  i contacted lines & shapes, and was informed that portland is one of their home bases.

and it just so happens that there is a book release party right up the street at chellis wilson tomorrow night!

what a great surprise.  hope to see you there.

thanks portland for being so awesome.


leander johnson

i couldn't be more happy to have leander join us this month in the gallery.  working with a 13 year old artist is the best.  very inspiring to say the least.

all works from his show, including a collection of 12 print in edition of 6, a zine based around 1966, and an ambient electronic score, are now available online here.

but if you live in town or near by, you must come by.

what were you doing at age 13?

evolution of the muff

just received some new prints from ashkahn & co.

this is by far my favorite one.

the evolution of the muff

come get one.

thanks ashkahn!


dr. dog

last month, the fantastic dr. dog spent some time here in portland and played a live show at port city music hall.

corduroy's own jim mcginley was able to connect with the band, have a local brew with them, and shoot some beautiful photos throughout the night.

these are just a few of my favorites.

to see the whole collection, please visit jim's site:  thefinstudio.com

and if you haven't heard dr. dog's new album, you must!!!  it is so prefect for summer days and driving to the beach.


sundays are for lovers

yes, yes they are.

sundays are our favorite days.

this 80 page book from lines & shapes celebrates all the things we love about sundays, like sleeping in, loving our lovers, hanging at the house, and features work by some of our favorite artists like serena mitnik-miller.

pre-order yours here, and have a lazy love filled sunday.


the finishing touches.

join us tomorrow night.


rainbow report from repeat press

at least they are predictable. . .

thanks mike!


rainbow report from jim

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my main squeeze jim found this rainbowlogical treasure here.

keep the reports coming, the show is only a month away!

follow along