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18 years later...

Perhaps The Surfer's Journal took a page out of Liz Cockrum's book when they were picking out their features in their spring issue this year. After a total of 103 issues published over a span of 18 years, the well-respected surfing periodical decided to feature Belinda Peterson-Baggs as their first woman ever on the cover of the Journal. This is a great development for the surfing world, and it seems that the Sirens of the surfing world are finally getting their due...


grain continues to redefine the craft of shaping.

need we say more?
we are super happy for grain and pumped to be friends with such genuine, talented, rad people.

check out grain's blog for more info.



getting around....

For the next 2 weeks, Corduroy is pleased to have Steve Janick from Cape Elizabeth High interning with us... Here are some of his thoughts....

This spring has brought a new dimension to the streets of Portland: long boarding. I have increasingly noticed the constant skaters taking to the streets each day this season. Before this spring, skateboarding never came easy to me; I think this is because whenever I thought of skateboarding, I thought of the talented street skaters I would see shredding the curbs and rails throughout Portland. However, my perspective on the sport has changed this year. To me, skateboarding (rather, long boarding) is my new favorite way to get around. So, although I'll never be hitting rails or kick flipping on the sidewalk, I will be skating throughout the streets of Portland, merely as a form of transportation. I've noticed that I'm not the only one. Just stepping outside on a nice, sunny day you can see several skaters zipping along the sidewalks. So, when you're hesitant to go buy another $30 tank of gas, or you want to save your crotch from the pains of biking, consider hopping back on that board and shredding the city's streets.


let's get weird.

what else are you gonna do on a monday night?

come get weird with us.

mikey detemple's new film & his musical friends blorr live in the shop.

get your movie watching-dancing pants pressed.



watch out grain!

a new wooden sign handmade by me and my dad for the shop.


women surf?

it seems harder and harder every day to see women genuinely represented in the surfing community. as a female shop owner and amateur surfer (that is when i can get my ass out of this place...), i am always super pumped to hear of talented women representing other talented women. that's why i am so happy to share our new friend liz cockrum's beautiful feature story in the current issue of jetty girl dedicated to just that.

sirens is a photographic study of women's surf culture- and it is superb. below are a few images as well as a link to the whole piece.

click below to read the whole piece...
congrats to liz and big thanks for making women visible in this community, we need more and more of it- so if any of you out there know of some more female greatness, send it along.

liz also has some prints on display here in the shop, come see them in real life...


a fun egg for you.

our good buddy joe, a killer blue grass picker and recent wave slider, has passed along his used board to us. it's a 7'2 shane smith single fin egg. it has a few pressure dings, but is in fine shape. and we have lowered the price to account for the repair cost- the guys down at beach break will have no problems at all doing a hot coat for you...
it is priced at $325 and comes with a sock and leash. if you are interested give us a shout or shoot us an e-mail- hello@corduroyboutique.com | 207.347.3545

and if you have a board that you need some help selling- just let us know. that's what we are here for.


lines in the shop

follow along