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thank you john

recently came across artist john fellows and instantly fell in love with his work. between his paper-cuts, lino prints, messages of better days a comin', and of course big hairy beards, i was sold.

i wrote to john to say hello and to ask if he would ever want to be part of the corduroy family. then today i received a little package in the mail with a collection of his paper-cuts, prints, a mini sketchbook zine, and a nice hand written note.

these days with things like the ipad coming out, it is really nice to receive something handwritten, hand cut and sent via snail mail- not to mention a little gift from an artist i really enjoy.

stay tuned for more of john fellows here at corduroy, and stop in to see what i got in the mail.  if you want, you can even watch a little video about john and his work here.

cheers john.


our turn to support.

during these slower months, we are getting ready for spring and doing some renovations of sorts.  due to this, we will not be having a gallery opening until march.  damion silver will be our next featured artist which we are super excited about.  however in the meantime we are really happy to support some openings that we usually don't get a chance to check out.

this friday we will be heading down to biddeford for their winter indoors art walk in the north dam mill.  should be a great showing of tons of work.

hope to see you there.


cold? wanna get away, but just cant right now?

you should visit get in the van- bahamian jewel, and escape through nick lavecchia's trip to the bahamas with m. detemple, k. meador, s. stopnik and a few more.  

these photos are ridiculous.  

have a fun trip.


hey i know that guy

we know some of these guys.... go support.

opens tonight at 6pm.

cheers bean town.


above, below, within.

corduroy's own katrine hildebrandt has a very exciting solo opening tonight - above, below, within.  she amazes me every time with her work, and we are so excited for her and this show.  below is one of my fav's, but check her blog for more.  congrats katrine!

alright, let's do this for 2010.

its that time again to vote for your favorite things in portland.  we would love to be your favorite gallery space....  come on, who throws better parties than us surrounded by the coolest art in town?  ok.... well there are lots, but we work pretty hard to keep up!

nominate us now for both best gallery, and heck why not best non-gallery art space?  both work for us!


come up to my room

I just came a cross this the other day... and I wish I found  it earlier so I could have gotten there to experience it all. 

Come Up To My Room is the Gladstone Hotel's annual alternative design event. CUTMR invites artists and designers to show us what goes on inside their heads. Coming together in dialogue and collaboration, participants are limited only by their imaginations, making CUTMR one of the most exciting design shows in Toronto. The four-day event is in its seventh year at the Gladstone Hotel, featuring 11 room and 14 public space installations, and over 50 designers. Starts today and goes through Sunday...  

I would love to sleep in this room......  Oh well, maybe next year.


the more we share, the more we can all do.....

today i opened up my e-mail and read a great message from anti-designs owner, jay lacouture. 

a while back i sent out an e-mail asking people to share all the good stuff we have here for the holidays with their buddies, entitled "the more we share, the more we can all do." kinda a silly name, but jay is proof that it can happen. 

here is what jay had to say this morning:

I wanted to say thank you for sending that 'the more we all do for each other' email a while back. Let me run by you what that thing did for me: I posted your image on our blog. For some reason I decide to check your blog after that. I saw the call for submissions to the snowproject shows and ended up getting in on that show last weekend. I'll also be in portrait one coming up soon as well. Pretty awesome. So kudos to you. I had a goal to do more art-centric shows this year, and that was the right way to kick it all off!


this is the stuff that keeps us going. 

what have you shared lately?


maine rules.


rainbow dragon coming in for a landing with baby drag

our friends at get in the van have just launched a new site full of stories, photos, and video shorts. besides the amazing waves from maine to the caribbean, one of my favorite channels is the "dug" channel. dug is a local down in york, but really from another universe which i would like to travel to some day.

check him out here and the rest of the rad work here.


my love for you

we have some pretty great artists that work with us here at the shop to help make this place ever changing and beautiful inside and out.

recently i stumbled upon my love for you blog. the blog's curator, meighan o'toole, showcases low brow and contemporary art, featuring q&a's, studio visits and daily posts about artists from all over the world.

just a bit ago meighan did some visits with our past artist michael dacey at repeat press who printed the rad surf.skate.art.love prints you may have seen here at the shop and also built the super awesome thrill fort in the gallery during his september exhibit, and our upcoming may artist evoker.

check out both the posts here and here, and then bookmark this blog.

new site for our super freinds at the pine haven collective

our best buds at pine haven just launched their new site. stay tuned for more updates, but for now check them out.


new stuff

to all of you out there that read this....


i am searching for new artists, books, tee's, jewelry, zines, decks and sleds, creatures, and so on.

with the slowest part of the year hitting us now, i want to fill this place up before spring.

send info and images along to : hello@corduroyboutique.com

cheers & happy o'ten

follow along