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once, my sister, she went on this trip...

my little sister joanna got to join ryan mcginley's crew of cross-country cave dwellers to produce his most recent collection of photographs, moonmilk. here are a few of my favorite shots from her lens.


goodnight shop | happy holidays to all & thank you so much for all the support

sticker artist of the year | evoker

our new friend evoker is nominated for bomit's sticker artist of the year!

pretty cool if you ask me.

you should vote for him here.

do it.




thanks andrew

my pal & awesome print maker andrew jaspesohn came over today to help me print some bags for the shop. not perfect, but that's the way we like it.

thanks andrew!

today's favorite thing | josh falk prints

spray paint, pen, and print. buy all 3 or just one. either way, these will make your wall look better. created by our pal josh falk of bean town.


one of my favorite things today | winter shakas

i was hanging up some new tee's today, and thought i should share this one with you all.

joe conway, a good friend and editor of the ever beautiful drift surfing, made up these tee's just for those of us who understand what surfing in the cold 45 degree water is like.

yes, here in the northeast we have to wear gloves, mitts, lobstahs, whatever you want to call them.

get one here.


give a gift to the gallery

sometimes it's hard finding that perfect gift for your favorite person.

that's why we thought it would be cool to offer gift cards to the gallery.

that way your favorite person can come in and pick out just what they love right off the gallery walls.

and best yet- the gift cards don't need to be wrapped- they are all ready to be hung right on your tree. cheers.


new years resolutions from boston

In January, our friends Michael Dacey and Alex Feinstein will be hosting two open call art shows at the Washington Street Art Center in Somerville, MA - Draw Drawings Every Day, and HEY I KNOW THAT GUY. The titles and themes of the shows are the same as last year, but the submission process is new and improved!

Please visit the website below for more information about the shows and how to participate:

here is a little video from last year...


redefine mag | fighting the independent fight

vivian from redefine magazine posted up some of her favorite pieces from our online store.

if you are not familiar with the mag- get familiar- independent music, arts, community & more.

cheers redefine, cheers.


holiday love.

if you are in the bean town area, go see our new friends scott patt and lisa dejohn's holiday art sale.

scott will be putting a show together here this spring. should be very exciting!

anywho- go support!


g.i.f.t. online for all to take home for the holidays

katrine did an amazing job searching out new work for our dec & jan gallery show. after a great opening fully equip with hot toddy's and friends, we have put all the work on our favorite things site. with work ranging from $15 to $600, there is really something for everyone's wallet.

please take a few minutes to look through everything there and support your fellow creators.

you can even swim here at corduroy.





come welcome spirare surfboards to the shop, and maybe even welcome one to the bottoms of your feet.

follow along