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this friday.

scott patt's collection "good luck" fills the gallery, windows and more....

join us.  friday @ 6pm til whenever.



ever since i was 5 i have been addicted to music videos (thank you mtv...) lately hey have gotten pretty great. here is one i think is pretty mesmerizing. enjoy.

Record Makers 10th anniversary from hitspaper on Vimeo.


next friday.



presented by Corduroy
gallery & boutique

Luck has long been used to justify fortunes both good and bad, explain the unexplainable, accept that which is unchangeable and rationalize what is deserved.

“Good Luck” the exhibition imagines a life relegated to nothing but chance: the uncontrollable, relentless and unbiased eye of fate as the decider.  It is a modern shrine to hope, congregated by personalized objects
of reverence, symbol and satire. Good Luck.

Down on your luck or feeling lucky, please join us:
Opening Reception- April 2nd, 6pm-9pm

Show runs from April 2nd- April 30th
59 Market Street, Portland, Maine   207.347.3545

on front: “surf hex: long, short & fun”, acrylic on fiberglass

special thanks to Cinnamon Rainbows surf shop-


the stache pag + the maine vla = tonight

tonight could be one of those nights that you never forget.  if you are in portland, you must attend this.  watch the video to get a feel for the craziness. 

most importantly, all the proceeds from this night go to benefit the maine volunteer lawyers for the arts.  this is a awesome non-profit group that in the past year alone enabled over 35 maine artists to receive over $200,000 worth of legal services. this is a really great resource for all arts communities.

if you do not live in maine, here is a link to a list of other vla groups that might be in your community.

but for now, press play and we all hope to see you there tonight.


tuesday's new family members - justin richel & shannon rankin

we are super happy to have justin richel & shannon rankin as new family members of corduroy. besides the fact that they are mainer's, we totally love their work.

justin sent along a collection of his sweets prints, (including a tsuweetnami!!) as well as a few rainbow abe lincolns.  justin is also featured in the newest issue of maine home and design's art issue as one of maine's 60 most collectible artists.
 pretty sweet if you ask me...

shannon, justin's squeeze, sent along prints from her maps collection.  each of these works are a print from an orginal embrodered map collage series.

shannon and justin also do a collaborative series, which you can check out here.

come in and check out the colections.  all are priced in a range form $10 to $40, so there is somethng for any wallet.


wednesday's new family member - tami snodgrass

one of of our newest family members is tami snodgrass from maui.
tami created a whole collection for the shop of small paintings and scribbles, along with two super fat-tailed decks. not only are they super fun and colorful, they are affordable pieces of art, which makes us smile.
here are a few choice pieces from the wall.
tami also owns and designs a line of fab ladies tee's that send you on a trip- sugarhigh + lovestoned. soon you can grab one of these tee's in the shop.


nyc bound.

this week i am heading down to the good old city of nyc.  my sister has had the privilege of working for ryan mcginley for the past 2+ years.  we will be attending his opening of everybody knows this is nowhere at team gallery on thursday night.  i have blogged about ryan's work here before, but if you haven't checked it out- you must.  the lights. the imperfections. the skin + bones.

while i am gone i will be posting up some photos of work by new members of the corduroy family.

and if you are in the city- let me know what's good.


wonderful art under $100

just put together a new category on our favorite things shop of all beautiful art under $100.

i hope that you all find something you love.

find it here...


grain surfboards open house + the creations of dug.

this is the prefect night to ask all those questions, see all the ways it's done, and be a part of one of the greatest maine surf communities around.

this saturday march 13th from 6- 9pm, grain surfboards will be opening the shop for tours, showing some classic surf films on the big screen and displaying some of the fascinating artwork of dug. if you don’t know dug or his art, this is a great chance to step into his head and see things as only he can. this will be his first public appearance since his newly debuted the dug show on get in the van. if you can't make, just watch the dug show, you wont be disppointed...

invite your friends. the grain crew will have some food and drinks on hand, so don’t be late cause it won’t last.


what a fabulous evening.

thank you to everyone who took time out of their busy day to come and visit with us last night.
damion's show was a great success, new friends made, and tasty maine beer tasted.
we had a great time, and cannot wait for the next one...



do you know what's going on with your beaches?

this past week we had a meeting with sean from northern new england surfrider chapter to have him fill us in on what they have been up to.

we quickly learned that there is some really crazy things happening with our beloved beaches right here in maine.

higgins, york, goose rocks, and the list continues.

it is very important, even if you are not a surfer, to pay attention to what is happening and help represent maine's surf community the right way- with education and action.

please make sure you can join us a week from today at flatbread to get informed.

if you can't make it, be sure to read up on all the issues effecting all of us on their site: surfrider.org/nne

pizza, raffles, beer, and knowledge.

follow along