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a little teaser for fridays opening

to learn more about michael and his work go to... michaeldacey.com


surfer's journal now available at the shop

come in and grab one of the nicest, highest quality mags out there.

start your collection.


praise the board!

we have been working with our featured shaper dave allee at almond for almost 3 months now. we have been extremely happy not only to introduce his shapes and designs to maine, but we really just dig working with almond.

we were able to do a custom board for our good friend and artist
nate deyesso- who built all of our awesome metal racks and surfboard stands. we had the pleasure of bringing the finished 9'0 almond singlefin to him with nate's own artwork on it this past week. his little ladies olive & matilda approved.

praise the board!

thanks dave and nate.


my toys

the drift boys are down at the new york surf film festival this weekend, calling me and giving me some sweet updates and favorite films. here is one for the whole family. created by karim rejeb, titled my toys. it's about 8 minutes, and totally worth sitting for. cheers.

devastate your real estate

a few of our friends have a killer show up at the fourth wall project in brookline from now until october 18th.

devastate your real estate- a style summit uniting the creative forces of philly, nyc and boston vanguards. a group installation and works by an inspired group of graphic / mixed media artists

works by-
dana woulfe
kenji nakayama
dark cloud
josh falk
metal wing

go support.


deathbot... no messing around here.

this happened last night. thanks portlanders for being so respectful to our space and things. pay close attention to 00:14 seconds. yes.


one of the best parts of my job

everyday i open this place up, and wonder who will i meet today?

yesterday i had the pleasure of meeting husband and wife, scott patt & lisa dejohn.
they are both artists that have recently moved to east coast. i really dig their work, and hope to put together something with them soon.

for now, check them out online.



yes, sometimes there are some strange ones that wonder in, but almost always, i have the pleasure of meeting genuine, creative people that are doing what they love- creating.

thanks guys. keep it coming.

tonight is going to be silly.

golden costumes.
champagne bar.
2 bands.
special surprises.

oh yeah.


surfers journal- go get it!

one of our extended family members, liz cockrum, has a stellar piece in the most recent issue of sj.


there is also a piece on the good old state of maine with amazing shots from
nick lavecchia .

sounds like a perfect thing to grab and read in the fall sun.

we will be carrying it soon enough.

fair fish

we recently met some of the folks from fair fish. we thought since most of us care a lot about what is going on and in the ocean we love so dear, that we should help spread the word about how to get involved to ensure fair access to fish for fisherman and safer, more sustainable seafood for all of us.

their kick off meeting is tomorrow evening, details here.



just got some new tee's and hats from rake. pretty cool if i say so myself.

beacuse you are hot!

high heels, red dress, and a skateboard.

um ok.


nick says "dress up or i will make fun of you."

are you reddy?

yes, reddy- nick reddy's birthday party that is. nick is a new friend of the corduroy family and we are hosting his golden birthday party here next thursday the 24th. nick grew up in maine, and he has only surfed once... trust me- we are working on that. nick just started tattooing at
blindsight tattoo across the street from the shop.

the night will be filled with a mimosa bar, 2 bands- waranimal (with a special surprise guest) and a primitive and savage land.
lastly, it is a costume party... the theme is gold. best dressed with win the crucial brass unicorn. yes, the brass unicorn.

and, as always it's free.


there are places in the world where people do not dream....

an awesome book
thanks dallas for being so awesome.

An Awesome Book from Dallas Clayton on Vimeo.


just as long as you are there

getting things together for our next show. yes, another show is coming up!

"just as long as you are there," by boston-based artist michael dacey, presents a new series of letterpress monoprints alongside a large site-specific installation piece. working primarily with wood, dacey combines layers of geometric shapes with vintage letter-forms that are repeated throughout the installation environment and printed work.

it is going to be super sweet, as always.
here is a teaser shot from one of his last shows...

and yes, one of these will be in the gallery...
stay tuned.


a new allegory

a teaser for our november show with fellow portlander and ginger andrew jaspersohn.


convergence featured on urban outfitter's blog

check us out.

our favorite fifty things

hey all-

just wanted to share with everyone that we have just launched our online shop. the items in this store are some of our favorite things we have in our shop here in portland, from some of our favorite creators all over the globe. the shop will change every week, so stayed tuned.

we hope they become some of your favorite things too.



wake up to this tomorrow morning.

download it here

convergence... if you didnt make it.

click to see the full story.

bored? pimp your 5 speed then.

korduory.tv just put up some sweet new how-to's.
like this one, how to pimp your 5 speed. click the tv to entertain your brain.


korduroy kooks for all to see

hello all- i finally got all of ryan's and cyrus' work on our site.

please let me know if you would like more info on any of these beautiful works.



building- not shaping at grain.

ryan tatar took some sweet photos of me looking like i know what i am doing while building my 8'0 steamer at grain a few weeks ago. more to come when the board is finished being glassed... cannot wait.


thank you post

so the photos are not processed,and it is taking me way too long to type.

so most of all-

thank you dave, matt and kate,and joe and rob. you make it all happen.

lets go.


teaser for friday night...

dave, matt, kate- so excited... cannot wait to this share with everyone friday night.....

check out a few more teasers on matt's blog...


if you are in boston on thursday, you should go to this!

go support our friends in boston.

just do it.

save the date

buy your tickets here now...

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