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i have been a bit busy....

more to come very soon...


mark 'em

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more to come, very very soon.


good ol' nick lavecchia

our good pal and amazing photographer nick lavecchia is killing it right now.

he just landed the current cover of esm, and is also in the running for surfer mag's photo of the year.

you know what to do... vote for him here.

good work my friend, good work.


be here.


chalk, superhero capes, and an amazing imagination.

watch and let go for a minute.


shakas, singlefins, and corduroy with a k.

corduroy is so happy to welcome photographer and master blogger ryan tatar along with his pal and filmmaker, cyrus sutton. we have always been a fan of tatar's blog, shakas and singlefins, and we are super excited to finally meet ryan and see some of his work in real life. the other really exciting part is that cyrus and ryan have been working on korduroy tv. they will be sharing the new films with us here on the wall. also sharing how to make all natural surf wax from materials we all can find in the woods. so sweet.

so, here are the details:
friday, august 21st
around 6pm

delicious local brews as always
bring your friends

let's show ryan and cyrus what maine is all about.

follow along