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A bit about Josh Falk

We met Josh after he stopped into the shop in October of last year. Ever since then we have been planning this show. Josh's photography is currently on display throughout the shop.

We are very excited to see Josh transform our space. Below is a bit about the artist himself.

Behind Brown Eyes" is the title of a collection of works selected
from a bigger ongoing project by Boston based multimedia artist Josh
These works have originated from Falk's exploration with his best
friend›the camera. Continuosly engaged by perspective and the
environment around him‚ Falk breaks down his photos to simplier forms
and often rebuilds them infusing elements of spray paint and collage
Just like this collection Josh Falk collages his background
experiences in skateboarding‚ academics‚ urban exploration‚ and inner
emotion into interesting visual products which have published in
magazine‚ shown in galleries‚ and can also be seen on the internet at



behind brown eyes

first friday is coming up again, april 3rd to be exact... boston based artist, josh falk, will be setting up camp here installing upstairs in the gallery as well as the windows. and, yes we will be celebrating as usual.


the present.

some of you may know already, but thomas campbell's new film the present is coming to the east coast this april. we will be hosting the maine stop. more to come, but for now check out the behind the scenes article on surfline...


death + taxes = mcginley + lavecchia

corduroy's own jim mcginley and good friend and photographer nick lavecchia are contributors to the current issue of death and taxes.

i had the joy of joining them on this day, quietly sitting in the back of the heli, trying not to push any buttons... once in a lifetime experience.

congrats nick and jim.

click the spread to read the article, or go grab a copy.


fine surfing boards

since we have re-opened this past february we have been slowing down and really evaluating what the surf world means to us as a shop and personally. we have worked with so many board companies in the past, and for the most part all the boards have sold and made someone out there happy. however we are now at a point where we really want to stick to our guns and listen to our gut; not what the market is doing, or what slater is riding. since day one we have always appreciated the simpler things about shaping, the people behind the boards, and the overall story starting from the pile of materials to the first day getting wet. getting back to what it is really about... at least for us.

with that said we are so happy to share with our customers and friends that almond surfing boards are joining us at the shop this month. dave allee, the man behind the boards, contacted me on the same day i was exploring his site... funny how things come together. i am hoping to do a little piece on dave and his crew in the near future, so stay tuned...

they are celebrating their grand opening this upcoming weekend in newport beach, california. for all of you out there that could make, go! soak up some sun for the rest of us here in the snow, and support a group of people who are doing what they really love.


well hello

so it is march 2nd, 18 days away from the first day of spring.... and we are in the middle of a northeastah. no surprise to the many of us that live here in maine, but for some reason the rest of the country thinks it's a huge deal. oh well.. at least the weather map is quite colorful.

because of this fine day of hibernation, i have decided to begin the shop's blog. it has taken a lot for me to get to this point. huffs and puffs, procrastination, and more than anything the thought that maybe there isn't a need for another blog or that once it is alive i will be addicted to posting. but i will try and make it worth your while and still try to detach my fingers from the keyboard...

so here it is, another blog connecting those who love art, surf, community, skate, music, all things handmade, and at times strange dance moves and cats.

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