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support a new corduroy family member.

john just sent this over.  we have 4 of his paintings here, can't wait to share them with you all next week.

stay tuned, and in the meantime if you live out in the californias- go support!


opposite of adults.

this is fun. song is not my favorite, but the lyrics are so fun, and the video is even better. 
big heads, jumpin' on beds, skateboarding, and cardboard costumes.
i don't wanna grow up... you?


a little spring teaser.

mr. silver has been busy....


3 noses.

this made me smile.
by thos sharpe a surfer & artist based in n. devon, uk.
check out his blog and upcoming site.


yum. peak organics

since we started here, (almost 4 years ago- woah) peak organic has been a huge supporter of our events.  at the drop of a dime they have kept our customers, artists, and employees bellies full of the tastiest brew around.

peak's mission remains simple: to make delicious, creative brews that we can feel good about. they hope you enjoy them and remind you to find time to celebrate the peak experiences in your life.

you can take a look at some of these peak experiences on their site that their loyal customers have sent in.  

peak will be sponsoring our re-open with damion silver on march 5th.

hope you can make it, and fill your belly.

thanks peak for all your support.


mark 'em

first one for the new year.

we've been saving up our energy for this......


mwm crystals & lasers

fellow portlander, and one of the hardest working artists out there, matt w. moore is at it again.

matt has spent the past month in paris working on his solo show at since gallery.

as expected- it looks amazing.

check out matt's blog for more photos and updates.

all of us here at corduroy wish matt the best on his opening night this friday.

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