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fine surfing boards

since we have re-opened this past february we have been slowing down and really evaluating what the surf world means to us as a shop and personally. we have worked with so many board companies in the past, and for the most part all the boards have sold and made someone out there happy. however we are now at a point where we really want to stick to our guns and listen to our gut; not what the market is doing, or what slater is riding. since day one we have always appreciated the simpler things about shaping, the people behind the boards, and the overall story starting from the pile of materials to the first day getting wet. getting back to what it is really about... at least for us.

with that said we are so happy to share with our customers and friends that almond surfing boards are joining us at the shop this month. dave allee, the man behind the boards, contacted me on the same day i was exploring his site... funny how things come together. i am hoping to do a little piece on dave and his crew in the near future, so stay tuned...

they are celebrating their grand opening this upcoming weekend in newport beach, california. for all of you out there that could make, go! soak up some sun for the rest of us here in the snow, and support a group of people who are doing what they really love.

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