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our first featured shaper- dave allee|almond fine surfing boards

we are finishing up the last pieces for our first featured shaper- dave allee and his crew from almond. we have decided to take a bit of a different approach to selling boards. boards to us are pieces of art, so we are going to treat them that way. starting monday, (which you should have marked on your calendar as it is picaresque night...) we will be featuring almond's shapes exclusively in the shop. you will be able to come into the shop and not only learn about the shapes, designs, and shredability- but also learn the story behind each board, see some beautiful photos of the process and the people, and then read about the people behind the work. we believe that it is far more than just a board, it is a rideable piece of art- handmade with love.

thank you kyle lightner for this photo of dave.

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