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ahh. a grateful sigh that is...

this weekend was full of reminders of why we do what we do.

friday... michael dacey and his work in our windows and gallery started off the weekend with color, wood, geometry, and good friends. later that night we were joined by the pine haven collective who were shinning from the success of their own opening at space gallery, draw your face off. the night ended with pancakes at 1am, and then some great crisp fall air to help us all sleep.

saturday... grain had their fall bash with andrew kidman and his 16 short films, last hope. i wish i could have taken a quick snapshot of the room during the showing. live music instead of a soundtrack, films about family and the sea, and a room filled of maine cedar shavings, old tools, shared space, family and friends, surfers, filmmakers, and a common bond- surfing and the love for the sea.

although i didnt get in any surf, and i know the waves were good- i am so grateful for the community that we are a part of.

thank you grain for opening up your space and sharing it with everyone in a way that no one else can do.

thanks to michael for taking a week and spending it here installing and making our shop look unreal.

thanks to the pine haven crew for always supporting us with a smile and laughs.

and thanks to all that get it. let's keep going.


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