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tuesday's new family members - justin richel & shannon rankin

we are super happy to have justin richel & shannon rankin as new family members of corduroy. besides the fact that they are mainer's, we totally love their work.

justin sent along a collection of his sweets prints, (including a tsuweetnami!!) as well as a few rainbow abe lincolns.  justin is also featured in the newest issue of maine home and design's art issue as one of maine's 60 most collectible artists.
 pretty sweet if you ask me...

shannon, justin's squeeze, sent along prints from her maps collection.  each of these works are a print from an orginal embrodered map collage series.

shannon and justin also do a collaborative series, which you can check out here.

come in and check out the colections.  all are priced in a range form $10 to $40, so there is somethng for any wallet.

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