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in time, on a late train

we are very excited to welcome leander johnson to the gallery this coming friday.

leander is one of a kind.  in soul and spirit, and inspires me like none other.

leander is 13 years old and is doing/learning/teaching/sharing more than i could ever imagine.

we will be showcasing 12 of his photographs, his first zine based on  1966, and on opening night we will be joined by ian paige and justin taylor for a one night only live ambient electronic score that all 3 composed together.

i asked leander to give me a bit of background on his work, here is what he said:

Photographs: I wanted to find a way to capture visions of an in-between-Portland, from old to new - from original to reproduced. I find that the Holga has these qualities, it is a new version of the original 1980's film camera made completely out of plastic. The primary inspiration comes from 1960's cinema, and the work of the photographers Danny Lyon and Anton Corbijn.

'zine: I find 1966 to be a big-bang moment, culturally, a time when everything exploded into action. But that is so easily overlooked, either due to the events of 1968 or because of a watered down summary of the 1960's as Batman, Warhol, and The Beatles, The Summer of Love, Automobiles and the Vietnam War. When, in fact, the time was much richer and more complex politically, musically, and driven, I believe, by a very, very potent cinematic set of visions.

Album: Ambient electronic music composed with a range of instruments, from toy pianos, to glockenspiels, and ipod touches, and nintendo ds', all the way to advanced guitar pedals. A sonic conversation.

i really encourage you all to watch this short documentary on leander, created by portland's own the sunday best.

as cliche as it may sound- this is truly proof that age is just number.

hope to see you all on friday, june 4th.

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