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getting around....

For the next 2 weeks, Corduroy is pleased to have Steve Janick from Cape Elizabeth High interning with us... Here are some of his thoughts....

This spring has brought a new dimension to the streets of Portland: long boarding. I have increasingly noticed the constant skaters taking to the streets each day this season. Before this spring, skateboarding never came easy to me; I think this is because whenever I thought of skateboarding, I thought of the talented street skaters I would see shredding the curbs and rails throughout Portland. However, my perspective on the sport has changed this year. To me, skateboarding (rather, long boarding) is my new favorite way to get around. So, although I'll never be hitting rails or kick flipping on the sidewalk, I will be skating throughout the streets of Portland, merely as a form of transportation. I've noticed that I'm not the only one. Just stepping outside on a nice, sunny day you can see several skaters zipping along the sidewalks. So, when you're hesitant to go buy another $30 tank of gas, or you want to save your crotch from the pains of biking, consider hopping back on that board and shredding the city's streets.

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