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women surf?

it seems harder and harder every day to see women genuinely represented in the surfing community. as a female shop owner and amateur surfer (that is when i can get my ass out of this place...), i am always super pumped to hear of talented women representing other talented women. that's why i am so happy to share our new friend liz cockrum's beautiful feature story in the current issue of jetty girl dedicated to just that.

sirens is a photographic study of women's surf culture- and it is superb. below are a few images as well as a link to the whole piece.

click below to read the whole piece...
congrats to liz and big thanks for making women visible in this community, we need more and more of it- so if any of you out there know of some more female greatness, send it along.

liz also has some prints on display here in the shop, come see them in real life...

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