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the more we share, the more we can all do.....

today i opened up my e-mail and read a great message from anti-designs owner, jay lacouture. 

a while back i sent out an e-mail asking people to share all the good stuff we have here for the holidays with their buddies, entitled "the more we share, the more we can all do." kinda a silly name, but jay is proof that it can happen. 

here is what jay had to say this morning:

I wanted to say thank you for sending that 'the more we all do for each other' email a while back. Let me run by you what that thing did for me: I posted your image on our blog. For some reason I decide to check your blog after that. I saw the call for submissions to the snowproject shows and ended up getting in on that show last weekend. I'll also be in portrait one coming up soon as well. Pretty awesome. So kudos to you. I had a goal to do more art-centric shows this year, and that was the right way to kick it all off!


this is the stuff that keeps us going. 

what have you shared lately?

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