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thank you john

recently came across artist john fellows and instantly fell in love with his work. between his paper-cuts, lino prints, messages of better days a comin', and of course big hairy beards, i was sold.

i wrote to john to say hello and to ask if he would ever want to be part of the corduroy family. then today i received a little package in the mail with a collection of his paper-cuts, prints, a mini sketchbook zine, and a nice hand written note.

these days with things like the ipad coming out, it is really nice to receive something handwritten, hand cut and sent via snail mail- not to mention a little gift from an artist i really enjoy.

stay tuned for more of john fellows here at corduroy, and stop in to see what i got in the mail.  if you want, you can even watch a little video about john and his work here.

cheers john.


  1. Yeah! I didn't know about John before. So glad I do now. I love his work.

  2. Thanks Tyler for the post! Glad you guys like my work. Nothing like getting your hands dirty with some print and zine making.


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